Lady Gaga Shaved Her Head and Got a Tattoo, All in the Same Week

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Lady Gaga's parents are going to be soooo mad at her: Not only did she get a totally inappropriate haircut earlier this week, but Thursday night she went to a party and let herself get peer-pressured into getting a tattoo.

Gaga, who had already shaved a portion of her head to memorialize her friend Terry's mom (so it's so stupid that you guys are freaking out about this—it was for a good cause!), attended a wild party for her new perfume at the popular teen hangout The Guggenheim Museum, and Lord knows who was involved or what was being passed around, but somehow she ended up literally getting a tattoo, right there in front of everyone!

The guy who inked Gaga, that older dude Mark, told people afterward he gave her a cherub as "a nod to her Italian heritage," but yeah right, like that's gonna fly with her folks.

We're not sure whose idea the whole thing was, but everyone's saying that the Paris-Lindsay-and-Marc gang were all there, so let's face it, it was probably one of them who made her do it.

Still, though, you gotta admit it was pretty ballsy of her to post the whole thing on her blog. She knows her parents totally read that, right?

More pictures of the crazy night popped up online the next morning. People better untag themselves quick.

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