Lady Gaga has remained busy while on her world tour, leaking previously unreleased tracks and finding American breweries to support despite being in far away lands. It's helpful that her social media feeds can be accessed from just about anywhere in the world, leaving her more than capable of sending treats to her fans and teasing next year's ARTPOP. And really, even if we can't see her, we know she's always there; she's kinda like air.

On Tuesday she promised Little Monsters a "surprise" from The Haus and frequent collaborator, Creepy Uncle Terry Richardson, and like a woman of virtue, she delivered:

If you're wondering if this means a new single, or at the very least, a new book of photos, you obviously don't know Mother Monster's obsession with cinema.

A preview of "Lady Gaga XX Terry Richardson/Cake Like Lady Gaga" has been released, and it's more Dancing Gaga than we could have ever asked for, with extra attention given to her favorite asset Richardson knows so well . Gaga crawls and purrs her way across the floors—sans sports bra—chanting a monotonous jumble of words that formulate something about 30 million (as in, Twitter followers?). From there, cut to bathtub parties and ass-slapping, followed by a look at how Gaga's freestyles in da club.

At only 15 seconds, it's already better than Rihanna and Chris Brown's "Cake" remix. Does this mean she's reclaiming the throne vacated by Juvenile around 2004? Is this beginning of Gaga's rap phase? (How did Bieber get there before her?) We can't wait.