Kendrick Lamar's good kid, m.A.A.d city is one of the finest rap albums of the year as it is, but sometimes we an't help wondering what it would sound like had everything worked out for Lamar's Lady Gaga collaboration "Partynauseous" to be included on the tracklist. The track exists—it's been written and recorded—but due to vague creative differences between Gaga and Lamar's management it was left on the LP, with Gaga only promising we would hear it "at a different time, for a different project."

That day has not yet come, but Gaga has given us another Lamar collaboration, also dropped from the album. The pop diva was supposed to sing the hook on "Bitch Dn't Kill My Vibe," but was shuffled off the track when "Partynauseous" negotiations fell apart. Now Gaga's leaked the original version of the song, with a video to boot.

Don't worry, though—Gaga hasn't gone full "Telephone" on the minimalist track. Instead she sticks to the slice-of-life scope of good kid, m.A.A.d city, cutting together two minutes of random behind-the-scenes footage of her Pacific tour. Sure, it's all slightly more luxurious than Lamar's Compton tales, but for Lady Gaga, goofing around on private jets and evading the paparazzi is regular life.

Watch the video below:

DJWS vision number 2 from paul blair on Vimeo.