Well, if this whole solo career thing doesn't work out for Lady Gaga, she can always fall back on fronting one of the most beloved and successful rock bands of all-time. Brian May, guitarist of Queen and on-stage partner of Gaga's during her performance of power ballad "You and I" at the VMAs—which, regardless of what you think of Jo Caldeorne, was a hell of a performance—has said that the band has considered using Gaga in the stead of their legendary late frontman, Freddie Mercury. Sez May to NME:

We talk about going out on the road all the time but there's a bit of a singer problem, to put it mildly. We get a lot of offers to work with other people. I worked with Lady Gaga and she's very creative and is someone we've talked about singing, fronting the band with. She's not just a singer, she writes her own material.

It sounds like heresy at first blush—hell, the idea of anyone attempting to fill Freddie Mercury's shoes does—but then again, Gaga is probably one of just a handful of performers on the planet who could even hope to approach the ferocity, flamboyance and commanding stage presence of the Merc. Hard to say whether the Queen purists—not to mention the fratboys nationwide who love air-guitaring to "Killer Queen" and drunkenly harmonizing to "Somebody to Love"—would accept Gaga in the role, but it might be worth an experiment or two. Maybe give it a try at next year's VMAs (we suggest "Another One Bites the Dust" and "I Want to Break Free") and see where it goes from there.


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