Lady Gaga to Make Her Acting Debut in "Machete Kills"

It's a bit strange that Lady Gaga has yet to appear in any major film. Everyone else is doing it--Katy Perry's concocted an entire PR confection; Rihanna gets to act tough and say about 50 words total, 25 of which are about weapons; even Soulja Boy has his own movie. ("Major," here, is defined loosely.)

That's about to change, as Gaga will star as Lady Chameleon in Robert Rodriguez's upcoming Machete Kills, a sequel to Machete, which was itself a quasi-sequel to Grindhouse (the movie was originally a B-movie trailer in that.) As you can see from the below photo, she is a femme fatale with very blonde hair who will probably end up killing somebody at some point. Considering at least three of her music videos feature this plot and character, we're guessing Rodriguez's assessment here is accurate:

By the way, if you're music nerds like us--which is likely, considering you're reading this website--there are major six-degrees possibilities here. Lady Gaga is now connected to Charlie Sheen, who is playing the president of the United States. (We know. We sigh.) Lady Gaga is now even more connected to Natalia Kills, sorta, considering the movie's called Machete Kills. Et cetera.


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