After four singles and accompanying videos, a national tour and countless interviews and magazine covers, what else is left for Lady Gaga to do to promote Born This Way? Well, how about a concert DVD and a remix album? Indeed, how about them, as Gaga apparently has one of each currently in the hopper. Billboard reports that Nov. 21st will mark the release date not only of live DVD Lady Gaga Presents The Monster Ball Tour at Madison Square Garden, but also Born This Way The Remix, which exactly what it sounds like it is.

The DVD will feature the MSG gig that, lest we forget, was televised back in May as an HBO special, and showcases Gaga sobbing over her fame backstage and monologuing a whole lot, in between some very awesome performances of hits past, present and future. The Remix album will be 14 tracks long and is said to feature some knob-twiddling from such remixers as Foster the People, Michael Woods and The Weekend. The set will be Gaga's second compilation of alternate versions, following 2010's aptly titled The Remix.

After this, we're sure that Gaga's definitely going to be out of stuff to do with this album—definitely, with no chance to the contrary. Enjoy the deluge while you can, Little Ones.

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