What's the equivalent of "blink and you'll miss it" for sounds? Rub your ears and you'll miss it? Get distracted by a dog barking across the street and you'll miss it? Do literally anything but stare at the screen with your headphones at full volume in a soundproofed room and you'll miss it? We ask because we need the perfect way to describe this clip of Lady Gaga premiering a new track in New York, of fan passers-by commenting on how awesome it is--really, everything but the clear audio.

Nevertheless, considering we listened last year to fuzzy fashion-show audio because there was a Gaga song in there, we naturally listened to this one at least ten times for you. (Aw, thanks, but it's nothing. Nothing more than 30-ish seconds, at least.) Here's what we can tell:

- It's a four-on-the-floor dance track that sounds like it could've fit in on Born This Way. The vocals are low. The backing vocals are higher. It doesn't sound like there are any annoying gimmicks.

- That said, if somebody told you the track was "Poker Face" playing, based on this clip, you wouldn't have much case to prove them wrong.

- Supposedly, it's her new single, so give it a few months and it'll probably be blasting out of car speakers at a somewhat higher volume and/or frequency.

- We've got nothing else. Do you?