Anticipation for Lady Gaga's newest album Born This Way is nearing its apex, thanks to the continued exposure from mainstream mags. Mother Monster has graced the cover of the May issue of Harper's Bazaar in what she alleges to be her natural, non-prosthetic glory. There are some killer Terry Richardson shots inside, but after nearly two years of jaw-dropping covers, this is one Gaga look that leaves us feeling underwhelmed. Because we here at Popdust have a flair for fashion (what made you think otherwise?), enjoy our take on Lady Gaga's best and worst cover looks.

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1. Vogue Hommes Japan, September 2010

Before she donned a dress made of porterhouse to the MTV Video Music Awards in 2010, Gaga stripped down with strategically placed slabs of meat for Vogue Hommes Japan. The move outraged environmental groups like PETA, and made all those Japanese who've lived a lifetime with sushi, hungry.

2. New York, April 8, 2010

By early 2010, you may have thought you knew Lady Gaga the artist, but this is when we met Stefani Germanotta, the person. The story inside revealed that the miniature monster, seen at home with her piano and no shortage of personality, actually came from a relatively normal childhood. You mean she's not the product of a dynamic extraterrestrial birth movement? Poseur!

3. Rolling Stone, July 8-22, 2010

Gaga blends masculinity and femininity, by toting heavy duty machine guns with her breasts, while wearing little to nothing else. It's the combination of power and the sexuality that makes it work, appealing to Little Monsters and Patriots alike.

4. Out, September 2009

Not to be left out of the pop culture vampire craze, Gaga does her best cannibal impression on the cover of Out. Her blood-stained cheeks and penetrating eyes make almost distract you from what's missing down below (namely, everything).

5. Elle, January 2010

Channeling an "Express Yourself"-era Madonna with a lacy, black corset and blonde curls, Gaga glams it up for the cover of the fashion magazine. Sure, it may not be the most original—we guess there were Madonna comparisons even back then—but it's a stripped down, au natural look at the artist...or as close as we may get.

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1. Rolling Stone, June 2009

Call it "Disco Hell," as a frizzy blonde Gaga is trapped in a sea on pink and suggestive bubbles for a cover that tries too hard to achieve shock value. Gaga may be outrageous, but she is never tacky.

2. FHM, August 2009

Before The Fame Monster had fully attacked, Gaga tried her luck vamping it up for the men's magazine in August 2009. While this shot won't fail to cause numerous double-takes, pinup shots like this are about as useful in Gaga's arsenal as a regular pair of Levi's.

3. Vogue, March 2011

Her close-cropped bob says flapper and her dress screams Grecian goddess, but we just can't get past her awkward, inverted pose. Gracing the cover of the fashion bible is quite an accomplishment, as is the chance to shoot with a legend like Mario Testino, yet Gaga appears utterly unaffected by the news. (Which is probably intentional—indifferent is the new happy. Gaga is always ahead of the trends.)

4. Esquire Indonesia, July 2010

Although her unique persona played a role in helping her music catch on with fans, Gaga looks like a caricature of herself in this literal interpretation of her song "Poker Face" (playing cards for eyes, get it?!). The shot is rivaled only by this, one of many tributes to her now iconic look.

5. Vanity Fair, August 2010

This ethereal cover makes Gaga look accessible and real, in other words: boring. Her long hair is reminiscent of her days playing the clubs of the Lower East Side, and her dazed expression and weak peace sign suggest she continue those self-medication techniques she's spoken so openly about.

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