To the Little Monsters who were dismayed by this message from Lady Gaga...



...this one might cheer you up:


She's back, y'all.

Between The 20/20 Experience, Magna Carta Holy Grail, and now ARTPOP, it seems simply releasing an album is a thing of the past. So you wanna "[alter] the human experience," eh Stef? Look, I get that you're Lady friggin' Gaga, but you're also a mere mortal. Also, the words "reverse Warholian expedition" are perhaps best left to the theses of overzealous grad students.

Does this mean we're not excited? We're on the edge of our glorious seats. "A celebration of obsession" gave us chills, and nothing Marina Abramovic does—dancing with Jay-Z, for instance—fails to inspire. The three dates she provided us are married to our minds as Gaga is to the night.