Lady Gaga's ARTPOP Reviewed: "Venus"

Venus puts me in a time machine back to where MTV aired all the 90’s music videos.

Using some heavy synth, electric drums, and strong auto-tune, she transports us back to disco before hitting home with a catchy current pop style chorus.

This is a hit for the radio, and a great dace tune with an abrupt ending which works well for such a fast-paced track. This is one of the tracks where it sounds like Gaga is speaking right to us-- a proclamation, an anthem, like Bad Romance, and Just Dance. Break it down for us, Gaga, our leader.

Hearing songs like this gives us an inside look as to what music inspires Gaga, and where her musical roots originate. Another Gaga classic. She's such a disco queen, I love it!

Popdust says: 4/5

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