Lady Gaga's Born This Way: #10, "Scheisse"


#10. "Schieße"

Sounds Like: A callback to the electroclash era, with grimy bass, deadpan spoken-word sections, and random lyrics in German, which inevitably turns into another neo-disco stomper.

Pros: Synths, synths and more synths. The Technotronic-like syncopated ones on the pre-chorus, the dueling screechy ones on the chorus, the growling, guttural ones on the verses—it's an absolute keyboard assault on the senses, which is rarely a bad thing. Plus, the pre-chorus proclamation—"If you're a strong female / you don't need permission"—is so very "Justify My Love."

Cons: Fraulein Gaga is a little more believable and less ridiculous then Señorita Gaga, but her affectations once again make it a little hard to take the song seriously. And the central lyrical conceit—"Sheiße" means "shit," FYI—is just perplexing. "Shit be mine, shit be mine"? "I wish I could be strong without the shit"? Or is "Scheiße" just supposed to be some sort of amorphous, means-whatever-you-think-it-means concept, like Veruca Salt's "Seether"? Eh.

Yearbook Lyric: "I don't speak German / but I can if you like."

Gaga Hashtags: Foreign languages, bad accents, soft chorus, disco, prayer, the lyric "tonight"


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