Lady Gaga's Born This Way: #11, "Electric Chapel"

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#11. "Electric Chapel"


Sounds Like: Lady Gaga founding a religion based on electric guitars, wobbly synths and plenty of longing for the never-completely-identified Electric Chapel.

Pros: The attention to detail. Check out the church bells, organs and choral swells in the background, or the piano line that cascades through. That part toward the end where Gaga tries to outsing the would-be guitar solo is cool too. And what listener can't relate to "you want me bad, I think you're cool, but I'm not sure?"

Cons: "Electric Chapel" is solid, but it's also lightweight. Everything good here is done better elsewhere on the album, and we suspect Gaga's team had this in mind when they stuck the track near the tail end of the album. It'd sound awesome in any other context, but baby, this is Born This Way.

Yearbook Lyric: "If you want me, meet me in electric chapel."

Gaga Hashtags: Being a teen, prayer, disco, organs.