Lady Gaga's Born This Way: #5, "Bloody Mary"

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#5. "Bloody Mary"


Sounds Like: Gaga and a couple monks amid a moody religious meditation that occasionally moves her to growl. And you can still dance to it!

Pros: It's wonderful to hear Lady Gaga on something slower, with a sinuous melody and a synth pulse that cradles you instead of fist-pumping you in the back of the head. "Bloody Mary" makes half of The Fame--hell, add The Fame Monster too--sound hopelessly canned. It's even better to hear Gaga tighten up her "Judas" cast of characters to focus only on Mary Magdalene, albeit a Gaga-ized superstar version that traditionalists will definitely take issue with.

But forget all that stuffy theology. How can you hate a song that scores "Gaga" for Gregorian chant? That comes up with "Punk-tius" Pilate? Where Gaga roars "LOOOOOOOVE!" like she's suddenly in a death metal song? This is camp at its finest.

Cons: More gratuitous foreign-language interludes. It's not the languages per se we have a problem with, it's that Gaga seems to think they're a shortcut to sophistication. The German's a particularly poor choice, considering that Germany didn't even exist during Jesus' time or the Middle Ages. And when you've got this kind of killer ambience, why ruin it with lazy songwriting shortcuts like that "dum dum, da di dah" bridge? In its place, she could have swiped a few more church fixtures from "Electric Chapel." That choir part was more than atmospheric enough to work.

Yearbook Lyric: "I'll dance, dance, dance with my hands, hands, hands above my head, head, head, like Jesus said."

Gaga Hashtags: Jesus, dancing, the name "Gaga," foreign languages.


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