Can we get something out of the way first? "You and I" is a great song, but it's one of those slow-burning power ballads that artists use as the second-to-last song on their albums. These make terrible choices for singles, especially considering that her previous single's still underperforming. Has Gaga learned nothing from "Telephone" partner-in-Thelma Beyonce?

That said, "You and I" is the most personal song on Born This Way--it's about her Nebraska guy, also known as Luc Carl before Gaga turned him into Judas. Or after, judging by album and single order. Ugh, we don't even know what's going on in their relationship anymore, especially considering that one of the rumors about Gaga's video shoot involves the two making out in a Nebraska cornfield. Here's what we know, fact and speculation:

Facts: Lady Gaga is shooting a video in Springfield, Nebraska that involves cornfields and a barn with a piano. This was covered on the local news, in a video tweeted by Gaga collaborator Nicola Formichetti. It's almost certaintly "You and I"--the song outright mentions Nebraska, which is much better evidence than that "Yuyi totally looks like "You and I!" nonsense that was floating around the Web earlier. And a crew member identified the song.

Somewhat substantiated rumors: Gaga's Tumblr has the following quote: "PARIS IN MERMAID FASHION . YUYI AWAITS A LOVER TO SAVE HER," and since Gaga tends to use her Tumblr for song lyrics and other marginalia, it's safe to guess this'll play a role in the video. Some people reported seeing Gaga and Carl making out, but--this part is great--it's "unclear if they were being filmed."

Less substantiated rumors: crop circles, a snowman, "Bionic Gaga," Jo Calderone, the Pussy Wagon / a "Telephone" sequel, fireworks. (If that one happens, prepare for more stan wars about ripping off Katy Perry.)

Watch the news segment below, and scroll on for pics of the shooting: