Lady Gaga has so many perks, both life- and New York-related. Here's the latest, and it's the latter: Should you want to go to Times Square to celebrate New Year's Eve, your experience won't look like "bulldozer yourself through crowds that look like they include everyone in the world, with no bathrooms and even less respect for your personal space, to get several blocks away from the action." It'll look like "perform, no crowd-rustling involved, then have the mayor of New York personally invite you to drop the ball."

Said Gaga, upon learning about this:

I'm so looking forward to ... dropping the Ball with Mayor Bloomberg! What an honor as a New Yorker!

An honor many folks in the cold will be jealous of, surely, and an honor shared with the Clintons, Colin Powell and Muhammad Ali. Two morals this post: 1) lots of you will need binoculars (or to be in front of the TV) more diligently than you thought, and 2) once again, it's probably personally beneficial to be Lady Gaga. If you're not Lady Gaga, might want to get on that.

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