Lady Gaga's Old Lower East Side Apartment Can Be Rented

For readers who don't live in New York or haven't yet gotten past the parents' house/dorm room phaes, finding, securing, interviewing for, getting paperwork together for and successfully renting an apartment in NYC can feel a little bit like playing Thumb War with a cleaver. There are a number of ways to do it. You can use a broker and likely say goodbye to whatever savings you've accumulated in the past few years. You can try Craigslist and either get lucky right away (yes, this is possible) or drag yourself from borough to borough, disappointment to disappointment, until you finally give in and accept the first offer you get. Or you can rent Lady Gaga's old apartment on 176 Stanton Street in the LES. This one:

Phenominal 1br in the LES!! Former abode of the infamous Lady Gaga--legitimately! Sporting french doors, a marble bath, and a spacious floor-plan, you're a hop-skip-n-jump from the trains and steps from the hottest nightlife in NYC. Give me a call today to check out this, or anything else you may see on the Citi website. Thank you!!

What's the catch? There's gotta be a catch. How about $1,850/month rent? I mean, it is fairly large for an apartment in New York, and it does seem pretty nice, and according to SPIN's scoop, the super is really nice. There's probably a catch somewhere else in the deal, but don't worry, because by the time you've finished the paragraph, they've probably gotten at least 500 inquiries. Sorry, folks. You can always find someplace else and, in rental-ad style, brag about being "just [40] minutes [by subway] from Lady Gaga's place" or something?

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