While those in her hometown of New York City were drying out their belongings and awaiting their first hot shower in days following Hurricane Sandy, Lady Gaga sent well wishes from the warm beaches of Puerto Rico. On a break from her Monster Ball tour, Gaga was trying to score some enviable tanlines post-Halloween while taking a large amount of selfies. Her  vacation look of choice? A white string bikini emblazoned with the Miller Lite—as in the beer you typically drink out of red solo cups—logo on the upper left-hand corner of her triangle top.



Beer helped us through some hard times last week, and we commend Gaga for admitting she's terrified of bathing suits—even if her compromise is to wear something likely obtained after a wet t-shirt contest in Cabo San Lucas. We always pegged her for a Peroni gal, but her penchant for the average pale lager adored by sports fans and underage college students everywhere shouldn't come as a surprise. Gaga's all about being one of the people—one who pals around topless with Donatella Versace, natch—and did, for a time, date Luc Carl, who tended bar at New York's notoriously scuzzy St. Jerome's where $2 Buds reign supreme. Then there's also her desire to be the star of an '80s hair metal band. It all works. Bring on the endorsements!