Well, after all the hubbub—the authenticity criticism, the SNL performance backlash, the mixed-to-negative album reviews, the fantasy bust complaints—it looks like Lana Del Rey should be headed for a fairly respectable first week of sales after all. With a day-plus of sales to account for, industry prognosticators now predict that Born to Die will sell between 60 and 70k, the best performance for a debut by a solo female in seven months (Jackie Evancho, if you must know) and the best of any album this week besides...well, we don't really need to say her name, do we? Let's just say that if she spends two more weeks on top after this one, that'll be 21 weeks for her at #1. Yeah, that should be sufficient.

Frankly, this is a lot better than we expected. With "Video Games" failing to really cross over and the SNL performance making sure that anybody who didn't know about her ahead of time now knew Lana solely as a walking internet punchline, our sales prediction was more in the 20-40k range than 60-70—hell, she's gonna beat Lamb of God's new album, and there are wayyyyy more Lamb of God fans out there than you realize. It's probably not enough to turn the story around about her disastrous 2012, but it's a small triumph, and it's enough to show that no matter how hostile it may seem at times, there are still friends out there for Lana Del Rey.

(But no, for the two or three of you who might be wondering, I still don't get any fantasy points for a #2 album debut. Harumph.)