In her first-ever television performance, Lana Del Rey's Saturday Night Live gig was notable for a multitude of reasons: she's yet to release her debut album—Born To Die is out Jan. 31—and last night's live versions of "Blue Jeans" and "Video Games" left many audience members thinking they were watching a rejected sketch meant for Kristen Wiig. Just like with her big budget video for "Born To Die," the Internet has erupted in LDR backlash overnight. It's largely inspired by what they saw, sure, but is also served with a healthy portion of seemingly never-ending contempt for her "authenticity." Last night's performance wasn't Ashlee Simpson-level bad, but, her warbled voice and closed-eye swaying provided enough room for (clever) mockery and elicited questions about her genuine skill and SNL's booking practices. Juliette Lewis has already voiced her opinion, and as a performer and star of the original "Shit ___ Say" meme, she does speak for a larger whole. Start your day off right by reviewing some of the meaner things spread around the Twittersphere in the last 12 hours:

Whether this was an epic case of nervousness, or finally proof that every disgruntled critic was right, it might seem like it's time to start hating on Del Rey—everybody's doing it! But we here at Popdust encourage free thinking, so by all means, check out last night's performances and decide for yourself.