Get your parodies in now, kids—in a week's time, there'll be a new Rebecca Black single available for consumption, and if closing time for "Friday" spoofs hadn't already come up several times already (it has), it absotively positutely will have passed by that point. Getting in just under the super-ultimate-final wire, would-be viral sketch troupe The Hillywood Show have a "Friday" parody geared around that most timely of subject matters, the final Harry Potter movie. We'd include a bunch of the cute Potter/Black parallels they include in the video, but to be honest, not all of us here know the Harry Potter series that well, and besides, doing so would involve actually watching the whole video, which probably isn't going to happen. (At least try to sing, Fake Harry!)

We'd do a better job of trying to sell it to you, but if you love Harry Potter, you'll watch it regardless, because you're contractually obligated to watch anything with Daniel Radcliffe's likeness included in it for more than a couple of seconds. Who do you think you're fooling, anyway?