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Lauren Graham doesn't think we need more Gilmore Girls... and she's right.

The Gilmore star spoke about the possibility of another revival recently to TVLine

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While Netflix is expressing interest about bringing the series back for a second revival, Lauren Graham is cautious about returning.

This is a complicated time to be a Gilmore Girls fan. After the fervor and anticipation surrounding last November's Netflix revival, millions of fans hunkered down and queued up the four-part, six hour limited series that promised closure for the family dramedy. And we got it, sort of. Luke and Lorelai finally got their wedding, Emily reached acceptance in her grief for Richard, and in just a handful of scenes Jess Mariano asserted himself as Rory's only decent ex. It definitely wasn't perfect, especially when the series opted to portray Rory as an adulterous and whiny failed journalist, but to most folks who'd waited for Amy Sherman-Palladino to deliver the series much hyped final four words, it scratched the itch.

Except while the revival may have answered some lingering creatively questions, it's massive financial success for the streaming giant has raised a new one, should it return for more episodes? Netflix CEO Ted Sarandos has been stoking the flames in recent months, expressing interest in bringing it back and claiming to be in preliminary discussions about doing so. There's certainly some narrative potential for another series extension given its cliffhanger conclusion, but not everyone is excited about the idea, including Lorelai herself. In an interview with Michael Ausiello of TVLine, Lauren Graham expressed some reluctance towards another visit to Stars Hollow saying, "I don't know if there is a need to do more. I wouldn't want it to feel like we overstayed our welcome."

While Graham also says she'd gladly play Lorelai "until [her] dying day", she like many of the Gilmore team already has exciting new projects lined up. She landed the titular role in Fox's pilot Linda from HR, Alexis Bledel has a supporting role in Hulu's new The Handmaid's Tale, and even series creator Sherman-Palladino just received a two-season order from Amazon for her new series The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel. While a lengthy hiatus and the tragic passing of original star Edward Herrmann fueled the revival's excitement, it's hard to immediately see much more story left to portray with Emily and Lorelai's arc already at a satisfying conclusion. And given the revival's portrayal of Rory, we may not want to risk seeing her continue to stumble in her arrested development.

Speaking personally as something as a self-professed Gilmore fanboy, I'd gladly continue to watch new episodes if they come out, but wouldn't fight to see more. The revival marked a special moment for a lot of fans who'd hoped for years that they might see the series return and though there's always the potential for new story directions, there's no chance of truly replicating that excitement fans felt when they saw the new episodes come online. While Netflix's primary focus is business, hopefully they'll take a cue from Graham and approach a second round of Gilmore with the same cautious attitude.


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