Gleeks, hold onto those slushies and take a seat!

Our favorite golden star, Lea Michele comes in like an emotional wrecking ball "Cannonball" in her brand new music video -- her debut is everything we wanted and more.

As the clip unwraps, you immediately get the distinction impression that there is little acting here -- her emotions are real. Solemn and dreary, the video opens up on Michele alone in a dark, dank, abandoned building. Cob webs and dust leer out at her from every corner of the darkness.

The tragedy and pain is written all over her face. Could this possibly be a subtle nod to Cory Monteith and the aftermath of his death? She digs her claws into the syrupy, yet powerful, lyrics. As the story unfolds, colorful orbs begin to playfully appear in the black above her head, following the words as she "finds the light at the end of the tunnel."

"And now I will start living today, today, today," she booms on the monstrous chorus. "I closed the door. I got this new beginning, and I will fly, I'll fly like a cannonball."

By the end, you can't do anything but cheer for her. The past year has been devastating, and she is the bravest soul there is. Bravo.

"Cannonball" is the lead-in to her highly anticipated Louder debut album, dropping March 4 on Columbia Records.