Leah Remini’s highly anticipated new book is finally out—and it’s every bit as good as expected.

As Popdust previously reported, Troublemaker: Surviving Hollywood and Scientology is a blistering take-down of the “church” and its hierarchy, detailing the corrupt inner workings of the notoriously covert organization.

Leah Remini  Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop, Slamming Scientology (And We Love Her For It)

But, it’s the tantalizing glimpse into the bizarre life of Scientology’s most esteemed celeb member that we found most engaging and enjoyable.

Laura Prepon’s Scientology Interview Is Suitably Batshit Fucking Crazy

Like the time Tom Cruise threw a temper tantrum over baking cookies:

Once when Angelo and I were over, Tom decided he wanted to make cookies. He walked into the kitchen, where a batch of prepackaged cookie dough had been prepared and was sitting on the counter, a perfect loaf ready for cutting and baking. Tom was looking for flour and other ingredients and must not have seen the cookie dough, and he instantly got angry.

“Guys, where’s the cookie stuff?” he said, furrowing his brow.

His assistants came running in wanting to explain that it was right there, on a nearby counter, but all one of them could say was, “Uh, Tom.” They both grew more flustered, and Tom got angry. “Goddamn it!”

Looking at the dough sitting on a cutting board, obvious to all of us except Tom, I wished his assistant would say, “Hey, the stuff is right under your nose, dumb-ass.” But she didn’t. She couldn’t. Instead, Katie whispered something to Tom, who repeated, “Can I just get the stuff for the cookies, guys?”

And, the time Tommy boy wanted to play hide-and-seek during a play date dinner party with his little (adult) buddies...

As the dinners continued and we spent more time with Tom, I came to think of him as a big kid with his loud laugh, high energy, and goofy ideas of fun. Like when he invited some Scientologists and a few other celebrities like Will Smith’s wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, to his house and announced he wanted to play hide-and-seek. At first I thought he was joking, but no, he literally wanted to play hide-and-seek with a bunch of grown-ups in what was probably close to a 7,000-square-foot house on almost three full acres of secluded land.

“I can’t play—I’m wearing Jimmy Choos,” I said.

“Well, good,” Tom said with his signature grin. “So you’re It, then.” And with that he tagged me and ran to hide.


But then, inevitably, there’s the creepy darker side too—like, how Katie Holmes freaked out after being displeased by Remini’s behavior at her 2006 wedding to Cruise—and went all North Korea on her:

Jasmine, the MAA conducting the interrogation, showed me the Knowledge Report written by Katie Holmes, in which she referred to my behavior during the wedding weekend as “very upsetting,” and accused me of disrupting the party, which she claimed was a “poor example to others.”

She went on to say, “[She] made the party all about her,” and concluded the report with reference to the fact that all of this so-called bad behavior “disturbed me greatly.”

Jasmine told me I was a bad example for Scientologists and then asked me, “What do you say about this report?”

“What do I say about this childish report that looks like it was written by a seventh grader with all the exclamation marks?”


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