Lee Hyori Crushes Her K-pop Competition With "Miss Korea"

Lee Hyori is showing that she's still K-pop's queen bee with the success of her long-awaited comeback single, "Miss Korea." Despite being released on the same day as new singles from both B1A4, UV, and 2PM, "Miss Korea" has topped the digital charts with ease. The song was officially certified "all-kill" on its first day of release, and has already "hit the roof" on the Instiz iChart multiple times. It's currently No. 1 on the iChart, with a lead of well over 100 points to its nearest competitor, 2PM's "Come Back When You Hear This Song."

The past week  has also seen new releases from T-ara, SECRET, 4minute, and Younha, but none have been any match for Hyori. The success of "Miss Korea" --Hyori's first new music in over three years-- is proving that the Korean public may finally be over the plagiarism scandal that derailed her career during the release of her last album, H-Logic, back in 2010.

It also bodes well for the new music she has in the pipeline. "Miss Korea" is just buzz single, warming fans up for the release of Hyori's real comeback single, a dance track with rapper Beenzino, and her fifth studio album. There's no official release date for the single and album yet, but with a TV special centered on her return due for broadcast on the 22nd, the new music will likely be out around then.

The moral of this story? Never underestimate the power of a veteran pop diva.

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