Leggings Aint Pants Rant By Tennessee Woman Goes Viral

A hilarious rant by a Tennessee woman about the fact that 'leggings aint pants' has gone viral with over 12 million views.

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Jamie Higdon Randolph of Cleveland posted what she called a "public service announcement" on Facebook earlier this month what with the 'leggin weather' sweeping in an' all. She shares with us her golden rules of wearing leggins—keeping your "tail covered" and not wearing them too thin cos "that's called pantyhose honey".

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Randolph made her video in her car whilst on her way to the store to buy more leggins after hers went missing.  She declares that leggins can be worn no matter what your body size or shape and that they can be dressed up or down—you can look like a frat girl or you you can look "pretty classy".  I guess it depends on what you consider to be classy!

She says;

"Most of the time it don’t matter how big you are, as long as you keep the tail end covered.  You can be a big old girl — I’m a big girl, I’m a thick girl. I got thick legs, I got thick calves, I got a big old butt — and I got a big old gut. So you got to conceal it.”

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Much as Jamie loves her leggins though, she draws a line at white leggins, wisely advising;

"Lord Jesus.  Them's a big old no-no.  You can see all kinds of stuff through them.

Nobody wants to see what kind of underwear you've got on.  Nobody wants to see anything up in any body part that you have, I assure you. I mean, that stuff's best left for the bedroom!"

She ends her one woman show by saying..."You're welcome"


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