Miserable Labor Day may be within sight, bringing an end to our white linen wardrobe and reckless behavior along with it. Even though the thought of September approaching is entirely repulsive and unfamiliar—do we need to wear jackets? Will it get lighter earlier? What's it like to work a full week again?—for now we can soak up the sun for a few minutes longer, namely in the form of Leona Lewis' new video "Collide," which probably would have fared better dropping earlier in the summertime. But! Lewis' comeback video seeks to evoke your own beach parties and bonfires, only with fewer kegs and more attractive people. It's a party song that aims for depth, as Lewis sings about a someone specific crashing and/or colliding into her, while going for slow-motion runs on the beach to emphasize her emotions. The entire scene gives hope to those who continue to list "long walks on the beach" under "Interests" on their social networking profiles in a totally unironic way. No one walks at a normal pace when upset, and dramatic waves violently hit the shore just as Lewis pleads "crash into me," because nature is our own personal special effects system. Check it out below.