Here's the latest in possibly questionable quotes--this one by Leona Lewis, on upcoming album Glassheart (yes, still upcoming; yes, entire album arcs have come up in the time it's been "upcoming") and what sort of vocal stylings it'll contain:

"On my new album I will be rapping. I've discovered my voice for rapping. ... I could probably go up against Nicki Minaj now. I'm actually that good, so I'm coming for you Nicki!

Before you turn this into some indication of actual beef beef--this is not hypothetical, we've seen multiple comments--look. "Rapping" can mean lots of things: 1) rapid-fire, intricate, fierce, rappity-rap rapping; 2) pop-rap, which often sounds an awful lot like straight singing; 3) those vaguely spoken, half-melodic mumbles that people--especially the ones doing it--like to call rap. Leona Lewis is probably going to be doing 2) or 3). Nicki mostly does 2) these days, but she's still capable of 1), and anyone hypothetically taking her on in a rap battle will be doing 1). There's also the thing where this comment is obviously a joke. That is, Leona's rapping isn't a joke--the bragging is. Please take this exactly as seriously as it should be taken.

Or if you're going to take it seriously, at least take the trivia seriously too: this isn't Leona Lewis's first appearance in the rap game. Kanye West got her foot in the door, via one foot in a verse on "Dark Fantasy." All we need now is for Caleb Followill to start rapping.