Leonardo DiCaprio Model Petting Zoo Expands—Courtesy Kendall Jenner

leonardo dicaprio model petting zoo continues to expand—as, if reports are to be believed, DiCaprio brings Kendall Jenner into the folds of his pussy posse

For most Hollywood types, The Cannes Film Festival is a place to celebrate the art of cinema.

But for Leonardo DiCaprio, it’s a giant petting zoo of supermodels.

His latest alleged target? Kendall Jenner.

At least, according to Star magazine.

A source tells the tabloid, Kendall and Leo may have done some smashing in Cannes a few weeks ago.

And now they may be enjoying a fast and furious fling, despite the 21-year age difference.

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Star claims the 41-year-old Wolf Of Wall Street star was eye-balling the 20-year-old Victoria's Secret model at the Vanity Fair party.

Apparently, they flirted all night and "exchanged numbers and promised to meet up later."

Leo loves a long, leggy cat-walking Angel, so no one is exactly shocked that he’s making moves on K.J.

He loves them so much in fact, that he's dated NINE of them.

"She's probably one of the few Victoria's Secrets models he has yet to conquer," an insider tells Star.

So, is Kendall the latest addition to the Leonardo DiCaprio model petting zoo?

Well, not so fast, as Hollywood Life insists that Kendall and Leo didn't swap spit and that Leo’s dancing card is pretty full.

They debunk Star's claim that Leo "was waiting by the phone" for Kendall to hit him up, and that he was in fact, pretty busy when he returned home.

The legendary lothario was even  spotted out and about with a few of his ex-girlfriends.

Meanwhile, Kendall's recently been linked to NBA player Jordan Clarkson.

And if you think about it, Kendall isn’t exactly Leo’s type.

Sure, she’s tall, stunning, young, and famous, but she’s…..gasp…brunette!

That is virtually unheard of for the presiding President of the Pussy Posse.

Past members of the Leonardo DiCaprio model petting zoo include:

Gisele Bundchen, Bar Refaeli, Toni Garnn, Blake Lively, Kristen Zang, Kat Torres, Erin Heatherton—they all blend into a blonde, blue tapestry of Titanic splendor.

Sure, there’s been an occasional brunette sprinkled in, but they last for about 15 minutes each.

Even Maxim Magazine’s Most Fuckable Woman in the World—A.K.A. Rihannadidn’t get much DiCaprio umbrella time.

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leonardo dicaprio model petting zoo expansion

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leonardo dicaprio model petting zoo expansion
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