Justin Bieber often seems like he'll not be content until he conquers all forms of popular music—pop, dance, hip-hop, R&B and country having already been taken down by the Ontarian tyke. But what about musical theater? Bieber undoubtedly has a rich future in acting, and we know he can sing and move and whatnot, so the live arts seem a natural follow for him. Cameron Mackintosh, producer of a Canadian staging of the classic "Les Miserables," hopes that the pop star will see things this way as well. Sez Mackintosh:

You're going to have a completely new, all-Canadian production opening at the Royal Alex in July, 2012 . I would love to hear Justin Bieber sing 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables'. Please spread the word that he'd be more than welcome in the show.

Well, sure, Cam, we'll tell him if we see him. And perhaps he'll be fine with playing Marius, the character that fellow musical young'n Nick Jonas got his theatrical sea legs playing in London. But if you're gonna land The Bieb, you better be prepared to offer him Jean Valjean—Bieber doesn't do well with his name anywhere but first in that playbill. Just sayin'.