The forgotten subgenre of country rap doesn't have many pages in the Nashville history books, but its legend lives on in the memories of its artists and fans. For a brief moment in the early '90s, acts like Johnny Cash Money, Hype Williams Jr. and Sweet T enthralled dozens of listeners every night throughout the Music City, with their popular combinations of rap lyrics and country tunes.

But the greatest act of all was the duo Jim Carrie, as Jimmy Fallon helpfully reminded us last night. The TV host reunited with his old bandmate Carrie Underwood to play some of their old hits, including our personal favorite, the Humpty Dance:

White People Rapping is an old gag, but these two really sell it! Maybe it's Underwood's classic country voice, or maybe it's the way Fallon doesn't even try to disguise the fact that they're doing the skit live. Even his breaking—so annoying on SNL—is endearing!

After the "C'Rap" sketch, Underwood took the stage by herself to perform the recent Pop-Off hit "Blown Away." There's not enough room in Oklahoma to contain our love for this song:

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