One of our greatest weaknesses, as pop music listeners, is our fondness for orchestral covers of today's top hits. (For a solid month the only thing we listened to on Spotify was the Vitamin String Quartet.) There's just something about the image of an elegant debutante ball unintentionally being graced by the music of, say, Katy Perry that we just cannot get enough. Blame the million screenings of "A Knight's Tale" we sat through during our adolescence, probably

So our attention was of course piqued when we saw The Daily What spotlight the work of one Seth G., a young violinist in South Carolina who composes his own Top 40 covers. Here's Seth on Bieber's "Boyfriend," which gives you a good sense of his style:

Yes, there are a million people running this same general game on Youtube, but Seth G.'s crisp production and documentary-style videos make him stand out. Never before has Charleston seemed such like a Michael Winterbottom film:

And he's only 22!

It's almost enough to make us rethink our stance on Usher's "Scream":

Do y'all know if Seth G. takes requests? We think he could do a monster version of "Blow Me (One Last Kiss"!