Le Tote: The Fashion Rental Service That Saves Time And Money

Like a lot of moms, my "me" time is limited. Before my kids were born, shopping was my time to relax and treat myself.

I'd go alone to unwind or I'd shop with girlfriends to get their opinions. These days I don't have a lot of time to shop, and my friends are just as busy. Even thinking about spending an afternoon at the mall seems like a luxury, and since I've been rotating the "greatest hits" of my closet for what feels like forever, I decided it was time for a change. I needed a way to update my wardrobe and add variety to my look without spending hours on the process. That's when a girlfriend told me about her secret to shopping and keeping a refreshed look: Le Tote.

My friend Michelle is also a working mom and I swear she has a different outfit every day. She looks so polished and put-together, that I needed to know her secret. She told me about Le Tote and how it's completely changed the way she gets dressed in the morning. Le Tote is a convenient and fun way to rent everyday clothing that you get to keep for as long as you like. You pick out what you want online, they deliver it to your doorstep, and you return it when you're done wearing it (no laundry!). This sounded like the perfect solution for me!

I went to their site and completed a quick quiz on my preferred fit and style. Then, I picked my plan - they have different price options based on how many pieces you want a month, and if you want accessories or not. I picked the Unlimited plan, which lets you rent as many pieces as you'd like a month (I think this plan is definitely the best value). Then, the fun part! I picked two tops, one casual and one a bit more dressed up, one pair of jeans, one pair of slacks, and a cute chunky bracelet. I liked that I had the option to change out anything in my box before it shipped because I wanted to pick things I'd wear right away. I had a conference that following week so I ended up swapping out the casual top for a blazer. When my box arrived, I tried everything on and was surprised how much I actually liked some of the pieces. The jeans were a bit too light for my taste, but the slacks were great for work -- comfortable while still looking professional, and the flowy top matched perfectly.

The best part of a Le Tote subscription is that I get to borrow clothing from my favorite brands every month, and each tote gets better over time. Once I'm done with my box, I send it all back before the end of the month. If I absolutely love an item, I can actually buy it for a huge discount! As I provide feedback on each piece, Le Tote's algorithm also gets a better understanding of my tastes and recommends pieces that they think I'd like. Le Tote has given me more time for other things and adds variety to my wardrobe so I no longer feel stuck in my "mom wardrobe" rut.

I've been dressing with Le Tote for a few months now, and I love the style and confidence it's given me. It's not only made dressing myself easier than ever but has made me feel like I have a distinct, polished look. It's become my not-so-secret fashion trick. Pick out clothes, wear them, - just wear the clothes, then ship them back and Le Tote takes care of the rest.

Update: The amazing team at Le Tote is offering our readers a special discount. Follow this link and use code RESTYLE to get 15% off your first two months!

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