The post about The X Factor that a certain contestant wishes we would write is a post about a certain single, pimped shamelessly after her elimination, that manages to rip off both Clueless and Lady Gaga's "Boys Boys Boys" (she even goes "ga-ga!" at one point) in one regrettable swoop.

But enough about her; we much prefer to post about music we like. We've already mentioned Christa Collins' group the Woolly Bandits in passing, and we'll be sure to mention whatever Tiah Tolliver does next. In the meantime, Tora Woloshin--unfairly kept from the top 17 in a decision that seems worse by the day--has an EP out, available to stream or download.

They're not complicated--close to demos, really--but they're more than listenable, and Tora's clearly going for a specific sound: synthy, tense and as '80s as anything that's doing well of late. It bodes well for her career, should it take off as it deserves to. Our favorite cuts: the stormy "Winner Takes It All" (not an ABBA cover), "Mellow Shots," with its killer "I don't wanna wait for you anymore" chorus and haunting backing vocals, and the self-assured stomp of "Bring the Cameras." "When it comes to me, you can never get enough," she sings; we can't say we disagree much.