When the track listing for One Direction's Take Me Home leaked last week, we remarked how such leaks often give us more the illusion of meaning than anything of actual substance. But we just cannot help ourselves! They are like text-based Rorschach tests, showing us exactly what we want to see.

In the case of the just-leaked track listing for Taylor Swift's "Red," that means we're seeing a lot of snide kiss-off songs, mixed with some heartfelt ballads. Check it out:

1. "State of Grace"

2. "Red"

3. "Treacherous"

4. "I Knew You Were Trouble"

5. "All Too Well"

6. "22"

7. "I Almost Do"

8. "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together"

9. "Stay Stay Stay"

10. "The Last Time"

11. "Holy Ground"

12. "Sad Beautiful Tragic"

13. "The Lucky One"

14. "Everything Has Changed"

15. "Starlight"

16. "Begin Again"

We already know "Red," "WANEGBT" and "Begin Again," so that leaves 13 tracks unaccounted for.

Of those, we assume "Treacherous," "I Knew You Were Trouble," "All Too Well," "22," and "The Last Time" are the snide kiss-off tracks. The heartfelt ballads, then, are probably going to be "State of Grace," "Stay Stay Stay," "Holy Ground," "Sad Beautiful Tragic," "The Lucky One" and "Starlight." Accounting for the fact that a few of those are probably going to end up being midtempo country songs, it looks like Red will be a neck-and-neck fight between Nice Taylor and Mean Taylor.

Also, if you want facts instead of ill-informed speculation, "Everything Has Changed" is the duet with ginger bloke Ed Sheeran that Taylor spoke about this summer.

Taylor has also teased that another one of the songs will be a duet with her "absolutely favorite band." Anyone want to take a guess on song/band combos here? If "The Last Time" turns out to be a Swift/Jagger/Richards collaboration, well, you heard it here first.