Kanye West has a surprisingly rich history of airplane flash mobs. OK, "surprisingly rich" in this case means "this one time Aziz Ansari convinced a pilot to play Watch the Throne, but as airplane flash mobs go, that counts. (When was the last time anyone played music during your flight? The closest you usually get is someone's headphones being too loud.)

Here's the latest bit of history, then--West's dancers staged a flash mob, in which they danced/writhed/swayed to "Runaway," on a flight during his Australian tour. This is probably a regular occurrence in Kanye's life.

That said, there is one major difference between this and a regular occurrence in Kanye's life: it's on a public plane. Which means you get regular guys killing the buzz. Isn't it supposed to be common knowledge, just standard ingrained etiquette, that you do not rise to use the lavatory until after Kanye's team gets done? Let's have a toast to the douchebag! (I tease. I'm sure he's a fantastic person. But I'm still going to blame everything on him, so at least you know that's what I'm good at.)