Let's Take Music Recommendations From Sexting Politician Anthony Weiner

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From time to time, this web site will take time out from its mission of covering the latest music videos and leaks to engage with the politics of the day. This is one of those times.

Of all the shocking revelations about sexting politician Anthony Weiner in his former sexting partner Sydney Leathers's tell-all for xoJane, perhaps the most shocking is Weiner's taste in music. In Leathers' sexerpts of the flirtatious conversations, the mayor hopeful seems to take delight in demonstrating his superior musical knowledge for his online paramour.

Take a look at this clunky reference:

Dangr33: so I missed the tall black heels?

Sydney: Unfortunately :(

Dangr33: did you let a boy take off your party dress? (h/t elvis costello)

As many have noted, Anthony Weiner may be the first person to use proper Twitter citations while sexting. But why? There's something odd about this need to spell out the reference, as if Weiner wasn't quite sure that Leathers would "get" it. Does Anthony Weiner think "Alison" is an obscure song? The song's on every single Elvis Costello greatest hits album! Possibly the age difference is coming into play: Anthony Weiner's not quite sure if the kids these days know who Elvis Costello is, so he needs to hedge his bets a little bit.

Weiner's second musical reference is even more awkward:

Dangr33: you sure do run hot and cold. is that like a thing? been mia. not the over rated sri lankan rapper.

But this one, clearly, is just Weiner showing off. He want Leathers to know that, despite being an older guy, he knows who M.I.A. is, and not only that—he also knows she's from Sri Lanka. But don't get him wrong: He thinks she kind of sucks. This is quite possibly the world's first negging-via-inept-musical-reference

So there you have it: Elvis Costello good, M.I.A. bad, straight from the sexter-in-chief himself.


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