Last night Drake revealed that he wants to work with Justin Timberlake and Sade, which isn't surprising—don't we all? But the soundbite, said in front a room full of probing journalists, is the most exciting nugget to come from the otherwise ho-hum 2012 Video Music Awards, unless you want RiRi to truly be feuding with everyone. As happy as we were to see Drake take home a Moonman for "HYFR," a video we instantly connected with and have been recommending to friends, lovers and dentists ever since, it was his award show attire that demands proper attention.

Of the many on-trend styles seen on the red carpet during last night's show, Drake's top is more noteworthy than either of Rihanna's visible nipples or Miley's Pink-inspired 'do. For someone whose typically dressed up in well-tailored suits and been a muse to GQ, his attempt at casual wear—an Alexander McQueen raven-print merino wool sweater—made us stop and stare. If he were just an audience member, we'd only get to see him from the torso up, but as an award winner, this skin-tight swirl of black and white likely straight out of Real Househusband of New Jersey Joe Gorga's fancy closet took center stage.

The deep, deep v-neck helps to accentuate his chain, but doesn't take away from Lil Wayne's Trukfit tee peeking out in the background. We hope Mack Maine got a discount! The shapes and colors also suggest Young Money members tie-dye in their spare time. Is it really that hard to imagine Weezy leading this, and other summer camp activities, in his backyard?

To be fair, the variations on classic silver hues do a good job of matching his Moonman award. Serendipity at its finest. Nice call with those velvet loafers, too, Drizzy.

At the end of the day, he's basically inviting us all to the gun show by wearing a top that shows off his surprisingly impressive biceps.

Chord Overstreet's into it, while Chris Brown is trying to come up with a something snarky to tweet, but gets lost in the waves.

As you enjoy the many angles at which this piece of clothing has been forever captured, we'll be guesstimating how long it takes before Drake shows up to one of these things in a tracksuit. He does have a grotto now—we'd accept nothing less than a guest room filled with terry cloth slippers to go along with it.