Here's Why We Recommend Lexington Law For All Your Credit Repair Needs

Unfortunately, no one learns about credit reporting in school, even though it's something everyone should know about.

Having a low credit score can take a huge toll on someone financially, and low credit ratings are common, no matter how responsible and professional we are. Low credit means you often have to pay higher security deposits or interest rates.

A lot of people often try to take their low credit score into their own hands by sending out challenge letters to each creditor themselves. However, this proves to be a lot of work, and these letters are often ignored unless they are written by a law firm. But lawyers can be super expensive, which is why services like Lexington Law are so great.

Lexington Law is a leading credit repair service, with over 25 years in the business. Here are 5 reasons why we recommend using Lexington Law to help your credit:

Free Credit Report Summary And Score

Lexington Law doesn't only offer a free credit repair consultation, but they also offer a free credit report summary and score. So, you get to look at your score and talk to someone about how to start working on getting you back on track to better financial health, before paying anything.

It's Affordable

Lexington Law has developed a streamlined process to reduce costs, so lawyer-backed credit repair services could be more affordable. Their experienced attorneys and paralegals are trained in consumer protection laws and know the best way to resolve items on your credit report effectively, without you needing to hire your own lawyer.

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It's Convenient

Getting started with Lexington Law couldn't be more simple. You just call the number, and a representative will answer all your questions with patience and knowledge. Your own personal online dashboard will be set up so you can view your credit score easily by signing in, showing positive and negative items impacting your credit, which you can keep track of.

It's Personalized And Trustworthy

Lexington Law treats each case differently and knows it's never a one-size-fits-all solution. They realize it's a sensitive topic that no one is excited to talk about, and they listen without judgment.

Your representative will examine your personal credit score and give you a complete review, determining where you will determine any questionable negative items. Then, Lexington Law sends challenge letters on your behalf, requiring creditors to respond or refute.

Lexington Law Has One Of The Best Success Rates

Lexington Law has one of the highest success rates of all credit repair services. Last year, their clients saw over 1.5 million removals on their credit reports.

Fixing your credit score can seem hopeless, but Lexington Law has an amazing track record. We'd highly recommend Lexington Law's service if you are looking to improve your credit score.

Update: Lexington Law is offering our readers a free credit repair consultation, which includes your FREE credit report summary and score. You can follow this link, or call 1-833-334-2899 to take advantage of this no-obligation offer.

Call anytime between 7am and 11:59pm EST to get your free credit report and score!

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