LGBT Community Protests Booking Of Iggy Azalea At Music Festival

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When the nonprofit Delta Foundation announced that Iggy Azalea would headline the Pittsburgh Pridefest in June, angry protests erupted in the LGBT community.

There was backlash against both Iggy and Delta, with its own Facebook page.

Azalea is often criticized for 'cultural appropriation,' and she has been accused of racism and homophobia thanks to tweets she sent a few years back.

In response to the public outcry, the Delta Foundation has released this statement:

If we believed that Iggy Azalea was racist or homophobic, we certainly would not have selected her to headline Pittsburgh Pride. We also don’t believe she would have agreed to come if she was racist or homophobic. Iggy is a highly regarded artist and female entertainer and we have received a tremendous amount of positive messages from members of the community and our allies both locally and nationally that are excited that she will be performing at Pittsburgh Pride.

It looks like Iggy Azalea can do no right. Even after quitting social media, she still seems to rub people the wrong way. Postponing her scheduled tour seemed like an admission of defeat, if not a case of anxious insecurity. Showing up at the Billboard Music Awards with a new face only furthered the notion that she is a fraud.

It's hard to see how Azalea can turn this around. Poor Iggy.

Character is destiny, as Heraclitus observed. Or as longtime Iggy- hater Azealia Banks recently tweeted, 'Never let the same doctor who did your butt do your nose. Your nose will come out looking like a butt.... I promise.'