Lil Twist Ft. Miley Cyrus and Justin Bieber, "Twerk": Just As Annoying As You'd Hoped!

Did you think the amount of times you'd hear the word "twerk" on a daily basis was on the decline? LOL @you!

There now exists a Lil Twist song called "Twerk" featuring (you guessed it) Miley Cyrus and (you probably didn't guess it, but won't be surprised to hear it's) Justin Bieber. Miley incessantly and nasally drones the phrase, "I came into this party time to tweeeerk" while Bieber repeats his signature term "Swaggy" underneath.



If Lil Twist really wanted to hit the song out of the park, he would have wrangled Big Sean to repeat the word "swerve" and Ciara "turnt up." And, Gretchen Wieners on "fetch," natch.

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