While you were preparing for the Game of Thrones finale, a sneak peek at The Dark Knight Rises at the MTV Movie Awards or the another showdown between the Celtics and Heat, New York radio station's Hot 97 was hosting live Twitter feuds and scrambling through lineup changes at its annual Summer Jam concert. Nicki Minaj was all set to headline, promoted as such in the weeks leading up to the event, before DJ Peter Rosenberg ragged on "Starships" to a crowd of 50,000 at Met Life Stadium. In the process of praising new talents like A$AP Rocky and Schoolboy Q, Rosenberg called the Roman Reloaded single "whack," and totally not "real hip-hop shit." This is not entirely untrue, but probably not the smartest or most polite thing to do when you've invited Nicki to your event, and sold plenty of tickets on the hope that she'd undergo another live exorcism on stage.

But thanks to the power of Twitter and YouTube, comments like that don't just stay in the confines of an NFL stadium, and Minaj mentor/Real Hip-Hop connoisseur, Lil Wayne, was not pleased. He was already having a bad week following the San Antonio Spurs-OKC ticket debacle; why do people in sports arenas continue to disrespect him? Proving that he is the Young Money boss—lest an underwhelming Tha Carter IV and Drake and Nicki's increasing independence over the last year have led you to forget—he asserted his power and potentially soured his relationship with the influential radio station by pulling the plug on Minaj's performance a few hours before her scheduled set time.

Tyga was already on stage at the time of Wayne's executive decision, but it's clear Wayne thinks the entire YMCMB roster doesn't need the attention of New York's biggest hip-hop station. They've been giving Justin Bieber too much attention around those parts anyway. Once the concert had lent itself to multiple Trending Topics, performers were able to get back to the "real hip-hop shit" Rosenberg holds so near and dear to his heart. Audience members were treated to bevy of the Tri-State area's finest, including surprise guest Nas, who in turn treated the audience to South Orange's own Lauryn Hill, a sighting as rare as the double rainbow that prevailed over the stadium just hours before.

Hill performed Fugees' classic "Ready or Not," The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill's "Lost Ones" and an "If I Ruled The World" duet. What, no Beyoncé? But that's not all. Clearly "real hip-hop shit" doesn't mean cheap shots at pre-packaged beats or lame Twitter feuds, but the shiny suits of the late '90s made famous by Puff Daddy and Mase. Only one was in the house to stoke this memory, and for that, we are thankful. As for Rosenberg versus Nicki-Wayne-YMCMB? The saga continues: