Is Tha Carter IV actually coming out or what? This is just about all anyone wants to know from Lil Wayne, but aside from a super-tentative announced Aug. 22nd release date, all we're getting from Wayne is more excuses (and apologies) for the album being so late-arriving. The latest comes courtesy of an interview with XXL, where Weezy transfers blame for the album's delay to his partners in crime—the album's producers, who the rapper says have simply not been stepping up with their Carter IV contributions. Quoth the Martian:

I just don’t have the record. These niggas’ beats been sucking. I’m putting it out there: you producing, what ya’ll doing? Get right, man. Step it up. This is coming from a rapper. One of the best rappers. I ain’t saying I’m the best no more, because these niggas is too good these days. I got old. But damn, y’all niggas’ beats is terrible! [Chad Ochocinco walks into the room] These niggas’ beats sound like Ochocino made them.

As is typical from Lil Wayne, we learn a lot more from his quote than his principal message. Of course, we learn that Weezy is disappointed with the efforts from C4's all-star team of producers, which should include Bangladesh, Noah "40" Shebib, Jim Jonsin and others, and that he's waiting for them to come correct before he starts spitting over their subpar work. But more interestingly, we also learn that Weezy has ceded his previously claimed title of Best Rapper Alive—perhaps a nod to proteges Drake and Nicki Minaj, or the late-dawning understanding that music evaluation is in fact subjective. And most notably of all, we learn that in Wayne's World, it ain't no thing for a six-time Pro-Bowler wide receiver to just come strolling into your interview space, just so you can use him to illustrate a point about the weakness of your collaborators. Fascinating stuff, indeed.


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