The first video for the album you didn't necessarily ask for has arrived. Lil Wayne's"My Homies Still," off the upcoming I Am Not a Human Being II—just one of the proposed plans Weezy has on deck—features Big Sean, a purple elephant, and plenty of noise violations your local neighborhood watch or co-op board would likely take issue with. Experienced in shocking strangers, Weezy pushes the limits of acceptable lawn decor by airing everything out on his front patch of grass, dismembered mannequins and fated Adirondack chairs included.

Big Sean appears chilling out, maxing, relaxing all cool in chairs from the "Summertime" video, with a quiet skeleton playing the DJ Jazzy Jeff to his Fresh Prince. Dogs and their owners trade heads to try understand just how the other half (Wayne and his crew) lives while Weezy models various animal prints from the bevy of jungle creatures he's invited to the dinner table. With all that loud zebra print, you'd think this was a LMFAO video or something.

Given his worldly background and vast experience traveling the globe to promote his music, it's generous of Weezy to teach his new neighbors some of the customs he's picked up along the way, namely that serving human heads (that still manage to talk and rap) on a platter is a great way to impress your guests with your culinary inhibitions. Despite his cannibalistic dinner party menus, Wayne literally turns his new house and hood upside down with his late-night skateboarding. Wear a helmet!

Doing his best to adjust to suburban life, Wayne ultimately rents out an entire movie theater, so his daughter, Birdman, and their bony friends can enjoy a new flick in peace.

Grand gestures like this are just the beginning of keeping up with the Joneses in greater suburbia. Just wait until Sweet Sixteen season arrives. Watch below.