Joining the esteemed ranks of hate-preacher Fred Phelps Sr. and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, rapper Lil Wayne has been banned in the United Kingdom. Set to perform a string of European shows and festivals, the Guardian reported earlier today that the U.K. Border Agency denied him a visa, citing his fabled arrest record and eight months of recent jail time in Riker's Island. We think it's kind of a bum deal since all of Weezy's arrests have been for things like drug use and weapons possession—i.e., the stuff the American legal system likes arresting rappers for while real crimes happen all over.

What is Britain so afraid of? That Weezy is going to chill out in Hyde Park and smoke some of their terrible British weed? (To be fair, we actually have no idea if British weed is bad. But if their food is any indication, we have a pretty good guess. Also, there's a reason weed strains have names like "Chocolate Thai" instead of "A Kebab In Kensingston." Plus, have you heard dubstep? That would sound so much happier if they had better drugs. Just sayin'.)

Anyway, this is the second time Wayne has had to European tour dates, since he bailed on a number of 2009 on account of a persistent migraine—a.k.a. another thing marijuana could have probably helped!

Update: Update: Or not. Lil Wayne's management refutes the Guardian's story, saying that Weezy never filed for a visa nor was denied one, and still hopes to bring the I Am Still Music Tour to the UK later this year.