With the NFL season finally underway, it's time for the pop elite to once again swear their football allegiances. And while you'd think Lil Wayne's famous association with the Crescent City would have him aligned with the New Orleans Saints, the rapper was actually rooting for the Green Bay Packers last night in the season opener between the two teams. Why? The team's long-standing association with quarterback Brett Favre, a favorite of Weezy's since youth. Despite the fact that Favre has not been a member of the Pack since 2007, and is in fact out of football altogether (for now), Wayne's ties to player and team stay strong. Sez the Martian of his devotion to #4:

Who’s my favorite football player after Brett Favre?..That’s my favorite football player. I ain’t got no other favorite football player! I’m a grown ass man. You don’t just jump to another nigga; ‘oh that’s my favorite now!’ Nah nigga, that’s my favorite football player; Brett Favre. Ain’t no other nigga could fuck with him.

Though we're not exactly fans of Brett's here at Popdust, it is somewhat touching to see that Wayne's super-fandom has not been tainted by the years of team defections, crocodile-tear press conferences, insufferable commercials, playoff meltdowns and weird sexual misconduct allegations that have beset the Future Hall-of-Famer over the past four seasons. Maybe Favre can be talked into showing up for a guest verse on Tha Carter V—it's the least he can do in return, really.


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