Lil Wayne's DeWeezy campaign for Mountain Dew now has its first television commercial, starring the man himself and his crew a sort of random music personalities. Mac Miller and high-kick expert Jason Aldean appear in footage from their live shows, along with a series of skateboarders and snowboarders, plus Dale Earnhardt Jr. because there's an untapped resource in Nascar-watching soda drinkers marketing experts have only recently discovered. Through it all, it's Weezy who reflects on the importance of following one's dreams, as the shadows of a carbonated beverage logo take center stage.

We knew that things can get heated in the diet-versus-regular debate, but we've never seen so much intensity in support of a drink that's largely everybody's fourth choice—or fifth, whenever Wild Cherry Pepsi is available—nor can we remember the last time we had a sip ourselves. Freshman year, perhaps? A time when we were in a dire search for a plausible mixer that resulted in stealing from the private refrigerator of our roommate who was on the verge of a diabetes diagnosis. But all is forgiven once we realized how much we've missed "Right Above It." These days it's this or love songs, folks. Take your pick.