Despite the heavy medals hanging from their necklaces, Olympians are just pop fans at heart. The Fierce Five got to celebrate their Olympic gold with warm wishes from Beyoncé, leading to invites to the MTV Video Music Awards and onstage cameos during performances, and these celebrity interactions have only continued more than a month after the London Games. Team U.S.A. Swimming star Ryan Lochte and his pal Michael Phelps let their hip-hop leanings be known via Twitter and those pre-race headphone sessions, and now the accomplished athlete and well-known philosopher finally saw his dreams come true on Friday night with a chance encounter:



That's Ludacris and Lil Wayne down, the rest of YMCMB, G.O.O.D. Music, Jay-Z and Odd Future to go. You would think this is the type of moment he reserves for wearing his grill. Lochte has made his desire to start his own fashion line known. Maybe he can get a feel for the industry by working for Wayne's Trukfit? We would love to hear a conversation between these two. In fact, we just did! (In our heads.) It goes a little something like this:


Ryan Lochte: Jeah!

Lil Wayne: Yessir.

Lochte: Jeah! Jeah, jeah, j-j-j-jeah!

Wayne: Aha!

Lochte: Jeah?

Wayne: YOLO.

Lochte: Jeah...[scratches head, looks confused].

Wayne: Tunechi!