Looks like Lil Wayne's plans to "bank a cool $50 million" in 2011 are going to be taking a bit of a hit this April. The IRS is hitting Weezy with a tough-love tax lien to the tune of $5.6 million dollars, hot off a $1.13 million bill he paid last December. The notice of the lien, coming from earnings made by Wayne in 2008 and 2009, can actually be seen in full here, if you wanted more detailed information about the rapper's financial records than you ever thought you'd be privy to.

So how is the ex-incarcerated extraterrestrial planning on ponying up the princely sum to Uncle Sam? Well, he's started by putting his Miami Beach mansion up for sale, with a $12.9 million asking price for the 15,101-square-foot slice of paradise. "Rich woods, expanses of glass, steel & select marble are lavished throughout this ultra-modern residence that features sky terraces with incredible views, 3br guest house and 2-story master suite accessible by a glass elevator," boasts the listing for the mansion, which also claims amenities of a swimming pool, a security system, and something called a "casita."

Gotta say, the glass elevator really puts it over the top—we'll pass around the Popdust collection hat at the next staff meeting and see if we can't make this thing happen. In the meantime, the May 16th release of Tha Carter IV can't get here soon enough for Wayne, who could probably stand to start seeing a couple big numbers in the "Deposits" column of his next few bank statements.