Juicy J's resurgence as a major hip-hop player continues with the stark beat to Human Being II's "Gunwalk," one of three beats produced by the Three 6 Mafia rapper on the album. It's a very solid beat, making effective use of gunfire-imitating drum hits, fake endings where the beat drops out, and an ever-present "yeahhhh ho" chant in the background. It's won't get the song a ton of radio play, but you could easily see it ending up as MTV Jams' Jam of the Week with a grainy black-and-white video set in the streets of New Orleans or something.

As for Wayne's contributions to the song, it's at least one of the album's most focused lyrical efforts—not exactly new lyrical territory for Wayne, bragging about the guns he owns and his willingness to fire them at deserving offenders, but it's good to know he can still do a whole song on one topic without dropping in needless references to skating and giving head. And the song's hook, "I'm strapped up, nigga fuck a gun law / See me walking with a limp, that's my gun walk." is one of the album's catchiest, delivered in a conversational, almost sing-songy manner that makes it very quotable by song's end.

Unsurprisingly, there are no references to Weezy's recently served jail term on this song. '