Lil Wayne's "I Am Not a Human Being II" Reviewed: "Hello"

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Lil Wayne's periodic attempts to turn himself into a mediocre nu-metal rocker are as mystifying as they are ill-conceived. Has Wayne been drinking the rockist Kool-Aid, thinking his raps will be more "real" if they're accompanied by shredding guitars? Or is this an way of getting back his '90s youth?

Whatever the motivation, Wayne's fascination with grunge continues to produce some not-very-good songs, the most recent and most not-very-good being I Am Not A Human Being II's closer "Hello." Just like on Rebirth, Wayne's conception of what rock and roll is about is limited to chugging guitars and random screaming. It's all basically content-free and inoffensive, right up until the moment Wayne rips off the "Hello, hello" part of "Smells Like Teen Spirit"—the musical equivalent of disinterring Kurt Cobain's corpse and dressing it up in a Trukfit hoodie.


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